Finding Our Feet at the First FEET Meet

Further Education English Teachers from across Yorkshire gathered in The Acorn Inn at Burncross in Sheffield for the first FEET (Further Education English Teacher) Meet last Saturday, a *free* CPD event hosted by EduKayte.ChTbdxcWUAAnPcM

The FEET Meet forums aim to give FE English teachers a networking and support group, focused on meeting new and existing challenges faced in FE regarding GCSE English Language, sharing good practice and receiving CPD from colleagues working in FE and in Secondary Schools.

FEET Meet forums will take place throughout the summer and into 16/17 to fully prepare our FE teachers for the delivery of the new specification, whether teachers are delivering from September 2016, or the following year.

The agenda:

12:30-1:30 – Lunch and Networking

A chance to network, rummage in the gift bag and eat some lunch.

Goodie bags included paper based resources, badges, pens, stickers, flyers on further CPD events (including the Hodder Education event in Central London, Changing the Face of Functional Skills, on 23rd June) and an excellent Secondary School text book from Hodder Education, ‘Success AQA GCSE English Language, Grades 5-9.’


Click here for a sample of the text.

1:30-1:40 – Welcome and Intro – Kayte Haselgrove, Education and Training Consultant, Director of EduKayte

aJfv46G3_400x400An introduction to the aims and objectives of the FEET Meet! 

The main focus of the session was to find our feet, so we started with the basics. As part of the introduction, colleagues were given a break down of the new specification which links to a  GCSE English Language eLearning package specifically for Further Education students, currently being written by EduKayte for Hodder Education. The package will be available to training providers from September, 2016.

1.40-2.10 – Examining Bodies for New Spec, Helen Lees – HoD in a Secondary School in Sheffield

ChTcYw6W0AArLvGAn introduction to the examining bodies! 

Helen started the day off by breaking down the different examining boards, mainly AQA and WJEC, and sharing with us the links the new spec has to the current iGCSE English qualifications.

Following this, we were provided with a fantastic cheat sheet, summarising the skills the learners need to use for each individual question on both Paper 1 and Paper 2 for the new spec. A fantastic introduction to the qualification.

2.10-3.10 – Approaching the New Spec, Laura Kelly- Head of Key Stage in a Secondary School in Derby

What we need to teach and where to find resources!ChTbxkXWkAEPUqx

Laura shared some fantastic resources on what needs to be taught for each question on both Paper 1 and Paper 2, along with some teaching methods she has tried and tested with her Year 10s this academic year.

Throughout this breakdown we were given a heads up on issues sourcing nonfiction texts for mock comparative questions and solutions on how to overcome these hurdles.

She also provided a comparison between the two specifications, old and new, and a break down of which questions from the old spec most resembled questions in the new spec. Further guidance on this will be captured and shared at the next FEET Meet on 18th June.

The CPD session was then finished off with a pint/coffee/glass of pop, the sharing of details and a promise of a resource pack from EduKayte!


The feedback was 100% positive and when asked what teachers had enjoyed most about the day, responses included: “Networking and idea building.” “Meeting other teachers and sharing ideas.” “Visual learning resources.” “Strategies for teaching.” “Really useful for planning the new spec.” “Qual being broken down into pieces.” “Had a great day!”

The event was an absolute success and left the attendees asking when and where the next session was scheduled to be.

FEET Meet #2: One Step at a Time, Saturday 18th Juneedukayte-logo-whitebg-square

  • Planning the new spec – delivery in one year in FE
  • Practical methods of delivery – Speed Planning written responses
  • Techniques for teaching ESOL learners studying the new spec
  • A promise of new found professional relationships
  • Freebies, including another free Hodder Education text book for the new GCSE English Language specification…click here for a sample!

The event can be found here on Facebook. Please register your interest, the more the merrier!



Experienced teacher in all things English: I teach GCSE English Language, FS English at all levels and deliver bespoke training and qualifications in promoting English and maths to all vocational departments as an Education and Training Consultant. I have mentored many trainee teachers specialising in English and maths, who work for and/or complete placements at college, supporting them in all aspects of becoming a confident teacher of English/maths in Further Education. I provide training on teaching and learning to colleges across the country and am an author for Hodder Education, writing contextualised English resources for use in vocational areas and GCSE English resources for use in FE.

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